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Saxtravaganza takes the stage for 16th year!

SAXTRAVAGANZA will be playing a free concert, on Sunday, June 28, at Hart Hall (inside William S. Hart Park). Santa Clarita's 20-piece all-saxophone ensemble, directed by Kathleen Maxwell, will perform a wide variety of music, including marches, ragtime, swing, classical, and folk tunes. Fresh arrangements from group members will also be featured. Saxtravaganza is made up of some of the area's finest saxophone students, adult hobbyists, teachers and professional players who come together for 1 week each year, to mentor and to be mentored. Invite your friends and family to our 16th annual SAXTRAVAGANZA.

While the sound from ensembles of this size is rare today, this wasn't always the case. According to Mrs. Maxwell, there were very large ensembles, with as many as 100 players, formed during the early part of the twentieth century. Even though the saxophone's popularity may have been driven by its use in ragtime and vaudeville, Mrs. Maxwell attributes the traveling organizations of John Philip Sousa, Patrick Gilmore and others as being an even bigger factor in the first saxophone craze. Since then, there have been a few scattered revivals of large saxophone bands, but nothing that has been meaningful until about 10 years ago. New groups are now forming and composers are eagerly writing new and demanding music for them.

Saxtravaganza was started 16 years ago by Kathleen Maxwell, as an outgrowth of her research in historical saxophone performance. Since that time, the group has grown into an important mentoring group for this area's saxophonists. Many of the performers are students and former students of Mrs. Maxwell's, as well as students from other private teaching studios and band programs. Seasoned professionals and adult hobbyists are also welcome to participate in the one-week workshop. For more information about our group, you may contact Mrs. Maxwell at (661) 291-1729. Website:

This concert is free and open to the public.

Who can participate? Junor High and High School students, with a minimum of two years ensemble experience, and with teacher referral, can audition. In addition, college students, adult hobbiests, and seasoned professionals are also encouraged to audition. Registration and auditions are required.

When is the performance? June 28, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Hart Hall, William S. Hart Park. 24151 Newhall Ave., Newhall, California

When are the auditions? Auditions are held in May and June. For auditions, call 661-291-1729 or send email to

What kind of music should I expect? Expect the unexpected. Come prepared for a little classical, swing, and maybe a ragtime number or two.

Are there any fees involved? Student participants pay a fee prior to music distribution.

Are there tickets available for the Saxtravaganza Concert? Admission to this community concert is FREE.

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